TubeΩ ladder Ambika sound?

Has someone built a TubeΩ ladder Ambika?

Could you please give feedback about how it sounds?

Isn’t that filter a tad too beefy for a poly? I remember reading somewhere that Pichenettes had to ‘tame’ the Shruthi SVF filter for the Ambika so that it is more suited to a poly.

I use two ladder filters in my polyphonic Shruthi setup and they work fine. I’m not sure how six would sound 'though but from what I’ve found so far, for poly I usually cut the filter cutoff and resonance a bit and lower the filter envelope sustain a bit, and lower release times, and that tends to tame things without getting rid of the character. That’s just a general suggestion 'though.

I have 3 ladder voices in my Ambika. It’s not exactly the same as the shruthi ladder because you can have 3 settings of dirtiness… Nn the least dirty setting it’s less distorted than the shruthi filter.
I guess it’s personal how much grit you can handle. Somebody is also working on a polivoks filter for Ambika.

The Polivoks filter has been a challenge to integrate into the polyphonic setup. It is very different.

Here’s a clip with a 6-voice comparison of the TubeOhm transistor ladder voicecards in crush mode (LP), normal mode (BP), the 4P voicecards, and the SMR4 voicecards. The resonance of the TubeOhm and 4P voice cards has been tuned so that they all match, but the SMR4 resonance has only been tuned to match itself.

In normal mode, the TubeOhm transistor ladder sounds very similar to the 4P. The difference can be heard at higher resonance, where the TO resonance chirps sound a little more like a small tweety bird, while the 4P chirps sound more like a big bird (very dominant and with more “body”). In my opinion. But with the Junon patch (resonance 38), they sound strikingly similar. With the Junon patch, the TO distortion mode (HP) sounds more or less the same as crunch mode, so that’s why I didn’t record it.


Thanks, this answered a lot of questions I was having in 42 seconds. Love the colors of the TO, both modes.

@roberth909 I have a 5xSMR + 1xLadder Ambika and its absolutely fantastic. I’m sure more ladder cards would work well, but for me it’s sufficient with one ladder for lead or bass duty.

woah the smr-4 sounds sounds soooo different. I have 4p filters in my ambika now, was considering selling them and getting TO ladder’s, but now I’m not so sure, kind of want smr-4’s. Thanks for that! Would be nice if we could just get a definitive collection of filter types with just simple filter sweeps over saw increasing the res at several passes, but that’s prolly a dream.

I also found this yesterday:

ambika ladder chords

I do get small amount of clipping with 6 4p’s often. Haven’t tried adjusting the resistor (r6 was it? Its in the other thread), might be fine with just reducing part volume.