Tsukiji Dreaming

Hello all, I have made another album. Please have a listen if you get a chance :slight_smile:


Great Job - slowly, quietly is a really nice track!


Very tunaful!

Nice indeed.
Keiko, your music reminds me of Susumu Yokota’s (RIP).
To me, ツジコ stands out.
Greets from Adachi-ku. :wink:

Thank you guys! I am flattered to be mentioned in light of Susumu Yokota, an amazing talent who is sorely missed. Actually, ツジコ is named after Tujiko Noriko who is one of my favourite Japanese artists … Haha, Adachi-ku is close to Tsukiji :slight_smile:

I didn’t know Susumu Yokota had died. Very sad.


Well done, it’s a really nice album. Downloaded.
PS: I loved Tujiko Noriko too, around 2000-2005! Glad to hear her mentioned again.

It’s really nice music - I particualrily like the simplicity of it. I find it very hard to make “simple”/“reduced” music that’s still exciting to listen to.

One question regarding ツジコ : I listened to it many times now, but I repeatedly stumble across those tiny irregularities in the rythm (e.g. 1:19). It kind of stops me from entirely dreaming away - like a musical hickup. Is that intentional?

Thank you for your nice comments! I am a simple person so that helps :slight_smile:
I think the hiccups you refer to are caused by my recording technique for that song. I recorded prophet 6 chords onto an old crappy reel to reel, sampled the recordings onto mpc, then ‘played’ the sampled chords. It makes the sounds stutter and slide a bit and does not give a ‘pristine’ sound :slight_smile: … Thanks again for taking the time to listen!


Great work, love the textures and scapes.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind comments :slight_smile: