ts912 eol?

Looks like ST is axing this opamp in PDIP, any alternatives? EOL price gouging is already starting

Anything with:

  • Rail to rail inputs and outputs.
  • Accepting +/- 5V (for example, not the MCP6002 & co which are usually for 5V or 3.3V unipolar supplies).

These specs are a bit unusual and cannot be found in the low-end devices. I’ll dig in the TI catalog.

I’m going to give a go to the TLV2372 and LMC6482. Slow, rail to rail I/O, handles +/- 5V, and cheap - this is a niche market :slight_smile:

Both work.

Cool, so i dont need to hoard 912s…

Kessler still sells them:

(~2000 pieces left)