Trying to source slide pot for my Roland R8 Mk2

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post, I’m interested in building a Shruthi or Anushri (that’s how I’ve ended up here), but right now I have a problem concerning my Roland R8 Mk2 drum machine, and I thought you guys would be the right sort for asking about parts sourcing.

So the “real edit/value” slider is faulty in the sense that when I navigate from one function to another, the value should not change unless I touch the slider. To be more precise if I put the slider at 60 for pitch of a certain instrument, when i select another instrument (of course the slider is at 60 at this point), the value for the said instrument should stay as previously set UNLESS I touch the slider, instead it will set the next instrument to 60.

This makes things rather complicated, especially when it switchs song in play mode for example !

Anyhow I’m trying to source a replacement slide pot, but can’t find one anywhere, USA or Europe. Can anyone help me find this part or turn me in the right direction, you have proberbly guessed this is not something I’m used to doing :-s … please don’t fear I know how a soldering iron works, most of all I need the right part. Lol.

The part is listed on the service manual as :
RS30111AA 10kb

Here is a picture of the machine :
It’s the slider on the top left, and apparently different to the volume slider just to it’s right.

Here is the service manual :
As you can see I have put effort in to solving this, but I’m a bit lost …

Maybe this part is a standard slide pot ??? I don’t have a clue …


maybe you start asking at roland for a replacement part?

From past experience, Roland send you to “Official” retailers/services that charge stupid money, and aren’t at all friendly witch definitely doesn’t encourage you to give them stupid amounts of money …
I was hoping people here would be able to give me a hand in sorting this matter myself. Bear in mind it was launched in 1992 (22 years ago).
For info I am in France.

What i can read from the manual is: it is a RS30111-10KB slider pot, a maybe compatible version might be RS30111-1601TA-B10K . 9153-10KB from Alps. Check with your local suppliers, they should be around 3-5 € without shipping.

Is it worn out or dirty? sliders tend to get full of crud much easier than pots. A cleaning spray would be the first thing to try.

Sorry I didn’t mention, the machine is in mint condition, and yes I have taken it appart twice to give the slider a thorough clean and contact spray.

The slider works fine, the problem is that when you change function it goes automatically to the value the slider is on. It should not change the value unless you touch the slider. I’m not sure if I’m explaining clearly …

I’ll re explain : for example i select “sound edit” for the kick and pitch it up to 60 (at this stage the slider is at 60 of course), then i select the snare, as the slider is on 60, as soon as snare is selected it will pitch it up to 60 ,as well. It has this same reaction what ever you do, and in some cases will change song while you’re playing.

@sam51: That is behavior quite common with both sliders and pots. Try pressing the buttons softer because the vibrations can move the slider just enough to change the value. You could also cause this by striking the case of the module with some force, no button pressing necessary.