Trying to get long gates out of Peaks

I have a Peaks and I’m trying to get synchronized (very) long gates out of it. The idea is to use it to give some structure to my patches, opening vca’s, etc… I’ve been trying with the tap lfo and with the pulse shaper in expert mode, but I’m not being very lucky. I’m using a Pamela’s Workout as my main clock with very slow pulses and I would like to get let’s say an eight bars gate that goes on and off… Would that be possible? Is anybody doing something like this with a Peaks? I’ve achieved some long gates with the pulse shaper, but not as long as I would desire. Also, I’m not sure if I understand well the parameters… Any ideas???

Peaks in tap tempo mode does not go below a period of 8s. That might explain why you can’t get it to work.

You should be able to use Pam’s ‘special gate’ option, the one with the letter N and Peaks in envelope mode with short attack and release times and sustain set to full ( I think).

Thanks, for your answers. Well, the Pamela’s “gate” output has been a little disappointing on this job. Even with very slow divisions, it never puts out a gate longer than a couple of seconds… So I guess with the envelope function I won’t be able to get something much longer.
I’ve been a little more lucky with the pulse delay/shaper function but, still, the gates aren’t long enough for my purposes (maybe 5/6 seconds).
Anyway, I think I’m going to build a Pamela’s “expander” with four toggle flip-flops; that will solve my problems (I hope)

If Pamela is your master-clock you should be able to double the possible gate time by dividing the internally set BPM by 2. Now put a multiplier on each of the outputs except the one(s) you want to use for the gate. I haven’t tried this yet but in theory it should work …?