Trying to flash ambika voicecard Atmel via AtmelStudio, cannot flash eeprom-file

Hello there,

so im am done with almost the full stack of le grande mutabel instruments, having a blast musically.
But now its about time to discover some polysynth stuff with some voicecards and the ambika.

I got a couple of controller ambika boards already up and working fine with their respective Atmel644 chipsets burned as far as i see a correct program version via AtmelStudio.
There i simply flashes and erased first time with the control, second step, I flashed the bootloader without erasing the flash, I figured that could work, I dont know if it actually did, but the programm is still running and i see stuff on the display so I assume i got a bootloader now, although i dont really know yet why i need it anyway.

Now i wanted to start flashing me some voiceboard in the same style, I do use the anushri just for the socket and ISP and voltage, since the voiceboards dont have an easy access to 9V supply.
I can easily flash the voicecard.hex , then the bootloader.hex, then fuses and lock or whatever pleases me first,
BUT the eeprom.hex AtmelStudio bothers to put that into the eeprom of the Atmel328? I got no clue why.
In the file list at least it says it supports hex files, but obviously it doesnt do with your ambika eeprom.hex file.

Question is, can I use the voicecards without the eeprom golden…hex or is it needed for some reason I cannot quite yet grasp?

Thanks a lot, already for reading and helping out.

PS: I checked, AtmelStudio only supports Intel hex files, I know there are some different hex conversiona out there, so my suggestion is the ambika voicecard eeprom.hex file is in a different hex fiel format.
I now try finding me an converter tool, maybe there is maybe there isnt, we will see, or I go the hard way and try to once again get my avr dude and make file to work.

#Update1: I found a tool calles hex2bin a small cprogram working in the dos shell in windows, simply converts the intel hex into a bin , and i already wrote that to the eeprom via atmelStudio, all seemed to work, what i do of course not know, if the voicecard now does what it is supposed to do, I cannot see if the bin file actually is what the hex files intend to be, can somebody help a little bit here.

The only thing stored in the voicecard eeprom is a flag that indicates whether it should boot in firmware update mode, or in normal mode.

The normal data that should be written on the eeprom is a long string of 0xff - which is what the eeprom golden file contains. If the voicecard responds correctly to notes, it’s fine.

thanks for the answer, I checked the bin file, i guess it is only 0xFF, the hex fiel also has a lot of 0xFF in it but some i guess checksums at the ends.

Just for curiousity, istnt he eeprom supposed to be loaded with 1s anyway?

> istnt he eeprom supposed to be loaded with 1s anyway?


Hi ,
i know the problem . Before you can delete / flash the ee-Prom File new - you must set the Fuses for all Atmels to factory default. Than you must flash the memory and the EE-Prom new .
Don’r forget to set also the fuses new . .

Here you get the factory default settings :