Trying out the twelve-tone technique

I followed the twelve-tone technique set of rules and made an electronic ditty out of it. A friend challenged me to make use of my Mbira (thumb piano) that I got 10 years ago in San Francisco so that’s in there too. Enjoy. :butterfly:


Funkiest 12 tone I have heard in a while! Are you still rocking the tom cat as the drum machine?

Thanks! Yep, some of the drums are from the tom cat. Some are from the Buchla Music Easel drum pack made by 101 Things I Do. I love that pack, if I disregard the file names and what they suggest that the sounds supposedly are mimicking. :yum:

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If memes were true then all the Buchla drums would be bongos :smirk:

Haha , yeah. :grin:

However. Buchla bongos is a thing, people know how they should sound. Buchla snares sound weird. But that’s a good thing, if you are able to zen out your expectations based on 909 and 808 bias. :crazy_face:

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