Troubleshooting Tides?

Powered up my Tides today and it has no output although all lights and switches seem to respond ok. Nothing has changed in my setup. I’ve reloaded the firmware via audio but this didn’t solve the issue, would flashing via JTAG make any difference? Can you suggest any other trouble shooting procedures, perhaps a reset or something? Thanks…

There is no use in reloading the firmware (via audio or jtag). It’s not like this thing is running Windows 95 :slight_smile: this is either a case of PEBKAC or a hardware failure on the analog side.

Does the middle LED (indicating the output level) light up? Does anything change when you patch a CV in the LEVEL CV input?

I have seen it a couple times before: the calibration procedure is triggered by accident, and without anything in the LEVEL CV input, the module “learns” wrongly that 8V is the new 0V…

> would flashing via JTAG make any difference?

No. You know that it is more likely to be bitten by a shark, hit by the thunder the day you’ve cashed your 100 M€ check from the national lottery… than it is for flash memory to corrupt itself, and in a way that makes the firmware appear to work nicely except for one detail? Reinstalling the firmware by any mean won’t do anything…

Middle light doesn’t light up and nothing changes when I patch a CV in to the Level CV input. So should I perform the calibration procedure?

Apologies for not knowing that about flash memory, I am a musician not an engineer. However on the plus side now I do know! Onwards and upwards :slight_smile:

The top LED is off (looping mode), right?


Then you should try recalibrating.


Fantastic, thanks! That worked!

I think I need a chat with my kids about not playing with Dad’s toys when he’s not around…