Troubleshooting Strange Issue With DIY Braids

Hey all,
First time here at the mutable forums, I figured this is the best place to ask.

I’ve just finished my build of a DIY braids, culminating in the long awaited triumph that was the firmware successfully uploading via .wav.

After testing some things out, I unpowered my rack to do some adjustments. Upon repowering, the braids was back in “RDY” state. Seemingly the firmware had failed to save. I reuploaded the firmware to check if this was a one-off bug, but it happened again upon powering down the module.

Doing a little more poking around, I noticed that the encoder seems to not do anything (enter menus) when I press it. I tested this on many of the settings, and none of them seemed to react to an encoder press.

My first idea what that it could be a faulty encoder stuck in the always depressed position, hence every time the module boots it gets bumped into “RDY”. I think I’ve ruled this out by testing encoder for continuity- it closes the circuit when depressed.

Any ideas what I might do to troubleshoot further? I’ve retouched the solder joints on the encoder and checked the module over visually for anything out of the ordinary.

This is the wrong place to ask :slight_smile:

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