Troubleshooting Branches

I’m trying to figure out what is going on with my Branches module, and hoping for any suggestions.
Here is the patch example, and both halves of the unit display the same results:

1 - Clock signal goes to “IN”
2 - OUT A goes to a trigger input, let’s call it a BASS [drum]
3- OUT B goes to a different trigger input, let’s call it a SNARE [drum]

Expected behavior:

  • With dial at 12 o’clock, it would roughly alternate between triggering BASS and SNARE. This is the case!
  • With dial at full ccw or 7 o’clock, it would trigger only BASS. This happens, sometimes…
  • With dial at full cw, or 5 o’clock, it would only trigger SNARE. In fact, it only does this 50% of the time.

What is happening:

  • With dial at full CCW, it will indeed stick to only input. However, it sticks to the LAST input it had. So I can “catch” either of the two branches and hold it there using the knob set at full CCW. I would much rather this be input A, not “last trigger branch”
  • With dial at full CW, it will flip back and forth between the two inputs. I would much rather it be 100% input B.

Is my device faulty? Is there a reset or other troubleshooting I can take here? Is this expected behavior? Any other illuminating experiments I can do? This behavior remains using various modules as output targets, various clock sources as input, and with the module in another rack (using different power supply and cable)


Your device is not faulty. It is the expected behavior of a healthy Branches module operating in Toggle mode.

From the user manual:

Toggle mode

In toggle mode , the module associates the “heads” and “tails” outcomes to a different pair of decisions: “continue sending the trigger to the same output as before” and “send the trigger to the opposite output”. As a result, when the probability knob (A) is set to its maximum value, the trigger will alternate between outputs A and B.

Press the switch (B) to enable or disable the toggle mode.

I suppose this is inaccurate then (from product announcement, so perhaps obsolete?

“As the name says, it has two Bernoulli gates. What do they do? Upon receiving a trigger/gate (on the IN input), a virtual coin is tossed. Depending on the outcome, the trigger/gate is sent to OUT A or OUT B. The fun is that you can bias the coin with the potentiometer (or a CV). Fully counter-clockwise and it’ll always be routed to A; fully clockwise and it’ll always be routed to B; and everything in-between.”

Ahhh, I get this now, there are three modes: normal, toggle, and latch. User error!

Thank you!

No, Latch is an independent setting, activated and deactivated by a long button press.

So there are 4 configurations…

Toggle off latch off
Toggle on latch off
Toggle off latch on
Toggle on latch on