Troubleshooting Ambika

I have finished building the motherboard and first voice card (SVF).
The motherboard seems to be working fine.
But I’m not getting any response from the voice card. None of the leds turn on. And there is no sound.
On motherboard, first of the voice leds lights up (green), but it’s the same when I disconnect the voice card.
I have checked voltages on the voice card and they are fine. I have tried connecting to the other slots.
The CPU has been flashed ok.
What can I check to pinpoint source of the problem? Shouldn’t the leds give any indication of life even in case of error in connection to the motherboard?
I guess I can build another voice card and see if it works.

I have checked the spi signals from the mb cpu to vc cpu, with ss via the multiplexer and they seem ok. So this is strange.

The voice cards need to be flashed with firmware. I guess you did that?

Yes, sure I have flashed the vc

Yeah I figured. Cool, well onto the other low hanging fruit-

the voice card LED will light up when they are selected for use in a sound patch in the Voices menu. It is possible you need to try assigning different voice cards to see if the voice card works in another port or not at all. If a voicecard is unselected for a patch, then its LED will turn off and it won’t be used for the sound. I assume you have already done this too.
Maybe building another is really the best option.

Thanks, yes, I have checked voice selection in the patch.

Highres in focus photo of the voicecard would help. I built a 6 SVF ambika so can compare

Photos are here:

Issue solved :slight_smile: The reason was pretty silly - in rush/excitement I have cut the fuses flash command short. Then in a second attempt I used shell history so I repeated the mistake.
Luckily, I have noticed the mistake when flashing the second board.
So now my 2-voice Ambika is working perfectly fine. 4 voicecards more ahead :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for your help!

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