Troubleshooting Advice

Just a long shot but thought I’d ask the experts here, I recently acquired a tc electronic d two delay (been after one for ages) but it does not work. The seller has agreed to refund me and let me keep the faulty unit as he is no longer running the repair company and he sacked his technician after a series of blunders (hence how I ended up with a faulty unit). The dry signal passes through fine but there is no wet signal at all. Everything else seems to work as it should ie menus etc. does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the cause of this or how to trouble shoot it. I know without schematics this could be quite a challenge and I’m no expert. Alternatively any suggestions on where I could get an expert to look at it in the uk or does anyone have any idea what it would cost to get tc electronics to repair it (assuming its not discontinued) I heard something about a flat fee but cannot find any info online about it.

Sorry this is not related to mi but more the DIY side of things.

Many thanks for any advice in advance

There are no user servicable parts in it and without schmatics, the matching probably custom parts and SeriousTestingEquipment™ my best advice would be get it repaired at TC or buy a new one.

There is one thing to try that may or may not work. Reset it to the factory default. Usually there is some combination of buttons to hold while turning on the unit to accomplish this. If the unit works, great! There may be some other error, but when it comes to FX units, that is my first course of action.

Here is the reset procedure.

Ok thanks for the tips will look into resetting and if not contact tc and see if its cheaper to get it repaired or get another one.

Thanks guys

Pay not more than this