Troubleshoot Tides?

Yesterday I moved my modules to a new rack and everything was working as expected last night. I just had a new module arrive (RF Nomad) so I added it to the rack and turned everything on and for some reason my Tides does not appear to be working. I triple checked that the new module had the correct connections to -12v and all other modules are working as expected. The lights on my Tides, however, do not turn on nor does it seem to modulate. I’ve unhooked the new module to ensure it isn’t a power issue and still see the same behavior.

There was no pop, ozone smell, magic smoke or any other ‘uh-oh’ indicator when I powered everything up. Tides simply doesn’t appear to be turning on. I’ve tried different bus ribbons (and different connectors on the bus) and the problem is definitely with the Tides itself. How can I diagnose what’s wrong? Is there a way to reset the module? Everything is less than two months old and was purchased brand new. Any ideas?

Send it back to me.

What is the case and power supply you are using? Is it a Pittsburgh Modular Case and power supply?

I suspect that you have ran out of mA.

EDIT: Or just do what pichenettes said. That would also work.

I did not purchase the module directly from you–it came from Analog Haven. Should I still send it to you? Is there anything I can do/check on my end before mailing it off and being w/o the module for a couple of weeks?

Edit: Power supply is a uZeus. Current configuration is

> Should I still send it to you?

Get a replacement unit from AH and ask Shawn to send it back to me.

> Is there anything I can do/check on my end before mailing it off and being w/o the module for a couple of weeks?

Can’t think of anything. It’s digital, it either completely works or doesn’t. Maybe ESD discharge through one of the connectors while you handled the module, maybe power surge?

@bolange: That should be fine for your current set up. Are you using the included uZeus wall wart? That is the last power issue I could think of. I only brought up the PM case and power supply as they aren’t really meant for that many digital modules.

As pichenettes said, it is all digital, so it is not at all easy to fix. I’d suggest getting a replacement from AH as well.

Thanks, Oliver. I’ve emailed Shawn and will proceed with is direction. Thanks so much for the very rapid reply. Customer suppport like this makes me glad I own a shruthi, ambika (mid assembly) and an assortment of MI modules!