Trouble with screen and reboot

Hola !

I have some problems with my shruthi,

I sequence my shruthi from my DAW (Bitwig), with just some notes and an automation for the filter.

It is directly from MIDI out of my sound card, and out in a THRU to my NORD DRUM 2.

After a bit of time working (1-2min) without touhching anything, my screen start to showing some strange symbols everywhere on the screen, like the picture.

Also after some time, the preset reboot at the default sound.

i rechecked all the solder joint on the screen and the 6n137 and around, but nothing changed.

When i disconnect the midi out plug :

When i stop my DAW, the shruthi send a continue note. i presume is it normal ?

But i don’t have the screen showing strange caracter anymore.

Thanks for the help !

Maybe a hint that there’s a MIDI loop in your setup?

Soundcard MIDI Out -> Shruthi MIDI In
Shruthi MIDI Thru -> NORD DRUM 2 MIDI Out
Nord Drum 2 MIDI Out -> Soundcard MICI In

Looks good for me.

Do you think it is possible to create a midi loop from the software ?

Thanks for your help Olivier !

Yes of course. For example, when in REC mode, some DAWs spit on the MIDI out whatever they receive on the MIDI in.

ok, i will check this side. Thanks !