Trouble with Rings calibration

Hi, I recently bought a used Rings, and when I received it, it was tuned so that although it tracks properly across octaves, the notes are all 6 semitones lower than they should be. When you input a C, rings outputs an F# (D=G#, E=A#, etc…). I tried recalibrating, but nothing has changed. It’s still giving me notes that are 6 semitones below the note I should be getting. Any ideas?

Did you change the CV source that you use to generate the V/OCT signal you use with Rings?

No, I’ve been using an Audio Damage Sequencer 1, which I tested with a multimeter to make sure it was outputting the correct voltages. That’s the only source I have used into the Rings so far.

The note you get still depends on the position of the FREQUENCY knob. How is it set? Can you just adjust the FREQUENCY knob so that you get the right pitch?

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Yes, I found the position on the Frequency knob that gives me the correct pitches. I just had to move it 6 steps CW from 12:00. Thanks! It’s a beautiful module, and I’m having a lot of fun with it already!

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