TRIPLES LFO Eurorack Module (Shameless Selfpromotion ahead!)

Should this be my first LFO module?

It doesn’t get any more red….

Now i got it… No. S/H is sampled (and holded) Noise. But a great idea for another Module . . .

@fcd72 … do you have a BOM available … also for the bernoulii gate…
I can figure out most parts especially because probably all comes from the reichelt catalog…but it would be handy… i’m not sure yet what are the switches…

thats the one I’ve got…

68R 3 METALL 68,0
220R 8 6 METALL 220
2,2K 6 METALL 2,2K
4,7K 1 METALL 4,7K
10K 5 METALL 10,0K
22k 1 METALL 22,0K
100k 7 METALL 100K
200k 3 METALL 200K

Trimmer 50k 1 64Z - 50K

100N 9 Z5C-2,5 100N
33p 2 KERKO 33p
100μ 1 RAD 105 220/16

Quartz 1 16,0000-HC49U-S

Taster 4 TASTER 3301D
10kB Poti 1
3,5mm stereo 1 EBS 35
3,5mm mono 3 EBV35

GS28 1 GS 28S
GS14 1 GS 14

Stiftleisten 1 SL 1x40G2,54
PowerConnector 1 SL 2x50 G2,54
1x10 Female 2 BL1x10G8 2,54
1x8 Female 1 MPE 094-1-008

DI10 2 DI 10mm
M3x6 4
LED grün 3 V322
LED gelb 8 V323
LED rot 3 V320

TL074 1
PxAxe 28x2 1



I use about the same parts everywhere and try not to include any fancy/hardtosource things seen from an european point of ordering :wink:

The ESD BEUTEL is very important.

Its used to protect your Sperm from electric noise from your MATHS and freezer burn in case you want to safe you Genes from the upcoming Armageddeon in some human mankind heritage vault.

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Thanks guys! I can find it all now…
Dou think i can reuse an old ESD BEUTEL ? i have some used mouser and farnell ones here or does it have to be german quality?

Where did I say that there would be a “best post of the year” contest? Because between fcd72’s contribution and the hindutva-logo-conspiracy, I can feel that there’s something going on… I can’t figure out what exactly but keep it going…

Are there nice prices? ;p

“…the hindutva-logo-conspiracy…” There’s a conspiracy, and I missed it?! Why wasn’t I told? I hate missing conspiracies.


Be careful guys those are expired. Use two.

Damn Arwen and her crying ways!

At first my instinct (or that thing I think often think with) told me that those Durexes is what’s needed to shut her up, stop her tears thus avoiding disaster.

Tell you one thing. She’s no Pete Burns.

Nobody’s perfect…



Something I just recently learned in a theoretical way. If you are using two, they break even faster because the two rubb against each other :wink:

Better use three then!

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How can I order one of these baddies? I’ve searched rather hard for “Daniels” and “symbol that looks like an a” and any combinations I could think of that you mentioned with no avail.