TRIPLES LFO Eurorack Module (Shameless Selfpromotion ahead!)

Ladies and Gentleman,

i just released TRIPLES:

TRIPLES is 3 delicious LoFi 8 Bit LFOs in a 6HP Package as a DIY Kit
Availability is right now (as in “when Reichelt delivers the missing Trimmers tomorrow”) and i wanted you, my fellow Shruthizens™ to be able to be the first in line - if anyone wants one.

More Information can be found here

Manual is here

I have one built and calibrated Module to let go….



Jajaja, one more thing before X-mas… My wallet, ouch!
They don’t call it Eurocrack for nothing.

….and its a still a long long time till xMas :wink:

It’s like Eccentrica Gallumbits?

No, it only has one Knob to tweak.

Can I be the first to say thank you for using oblong holes, so that it can be adjusted, instead of forcing a gap between panels…

I’d be all over this, if it wasn’t for my wallet being damn close to empty… :frowning:

Y U ALL realease cool stuff just before christmas? >:(

Yes, so you have a reason and excuse to hide before family/wife/OutsideWorld™ during XMas Holidays

Can they all synch to each other Frank?

Syncing would be a great feature… Hold one of the top lfo buttons for 1 sec and then press one of the others to sync. 1st LFO set’s freq for the second (or third lfo) the freq knob changes in a devider/mulitplier…
And i know what Franks answer will be…

The answer to syncing is: No.
For syncing and other nice feature wait for the RED Lfo (whatever its name then will be…).
But you can grab a Programming Cable, download the free development environment for the PicAxe, grab the Source and do it on your own if you feel something is missing :wink:

was this what you expected?


so shifts is officially certified to predict TheFuture™

Not more then 4 minutes though…

Congratulations on the release Frank. Hopefully I can buy one in the future.

Nice. Next you should make a digital sample and hold as an easy addition to this LFO.
I agree that the oblong screw holes are always a smart decision.

It has an integrated Sample/Hold on each LFO….

On each LFO? Cool. I didn’t see that in the manual. You should mention that.

Its described with the Mode button, the Wavefor is called “Sample And Hold”.
BTW, it also can do a Static Voltage - and be switched off :wink:

Thanks for the info Frank!

I know that there is a stand alone sample and hold, but can you also decide when a sample is read and held for the other wave shapes? As in, is there S&H on every LFO “shape”. Sounds great for lo-fi, steppy filter modulation.
I use a quantize and lag in the operators on the Shruthi to get similar results.
I still think this looks like a great piece of kit either way. :slight_smile: