Triple Key

Today’s workout with a couple of Rings and another voice being randomly sequenced using the same related set of notes.

The background is Braids in WT4 mode into Blinds being prodded by a looping envelope and into Ripples layered along with roughly the same held chord on my Roland Sh01a (pitch and filter being modulated by its internal noise).

Lots of other parameters on the various voices are being scuzzed up by being modulated by noise from the QR2.


as always deeply relaxing. thank you for sharing. i really like the idea of having a couple of rings. so much possibilities :ocean:

Thank you for listening and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

I swithered for a good long while about it but Rings is such a perfect and flexible module for me that I’ve not looked back since doubling up, there’s always something pleasing to do with one or both of them.