Trimmer out of stock

I need few for 4-pole mission board.
But it is out of stocks…
Trimmer Resistors - Through Hole 3/8" SQ H/ADJ 5K


There is a big list of similar but i dont know witch to order :frowning:

Can you help, here is list:

thank you

Generally, limit your search to 5K ohms, multiturn, and the same arrangement of pins and orientation (top/side) of the screw for trimming. I think the Mouser parts 858-67WR5KLF or 652-3296X-1-502LF may do.

Do NOT trust the images they give, only the specification sheets – in that case, it looks like one is side adjustment and one is top adjustment, but their parametric search says otherwise. Usually the parametric search is trustworthy, but best to look at the spec sheet and see if the exact manufacturer’s part number has the spec you want.

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Thank you mmagin
This will do: 858-67WR5KLF (IMHO) ?
On Mouser 80% pictures are “fake” i have notice that. Thank you for warning :slight_smile:

I think that’s the top adjustment and not the side adjustment, 66X or 67X series, not 67W:

I notice that the Mutable pictures show top-adjust trimmers, but looking at my TubeOhm clone they have side-adjust trimmers, probably so it’s easier to adjust while the two boards are assembled.

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thank you mmagin
I will use top-adjust 67WR5KLF