Triggering Arpeggiator


I could not figured it out how to trigger arpeggios and manual does not focus on this topic directly.

Can somebody show me the direction ?

I would be also glad to know how to dial an Init. patch.

What do you mean by triggering arpeggios?

When I press 3 notes in my midi keyboard I suppose there must be a way to arpeggiate them and switch different arp.patterns etc. but nothing happens or I do not know how to activate arp.

Set the tempo and arp mode knobs to a non-zero value.

If the tempo is set to zero, here is what happens:

“When set to its minimal value, the internal clock is disabled and an external clock is used. The external clock can come either from the MIDI in, or from pulses on the Clock in jack.”

If the mode knob is set to zero, here is what happens:

“Arp mode controls the mode and range of the arpeggiator. The options are: OFF - arpeggiator is disabled. Up 1 octave. Up 2 octaves…”

Got it and it worked. Thanks

I think this snap functions of potis tricked me.

Would it be possible for you to provide an example of basic starting patch ?

This does not cover the settings on the arp/keyboard page, and on the drums page.