Transposing VCOs using multiple sources

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Out of curiosity, why do you need the FM input to track 1V/oct when you already have a 1V/oct input?


I use it on my e350 to transpose a sequence. no need to use a precision adder, I’ll just turn the FM knob all the way and feed the FM input with CV, and it does track really well.

I really like to transpose all my melodies with one controller. unfortunately they aren’t a good and useful module who can handle pitch transpose for more than juste one voice. I really wish that someone could design a 2hp utility module who could help me transpose more than one voice. let say something like this:

input 0 : cv signal to add/sum

input 1 : cv signal from sequencer or anything else
input 2 : cv signal from sequencer or anything else
input 3 : cv signal from sequencer or anything else

output 1 : input 0 + input 1
output 2 : input 0 + input 2
output 3 : input 0 + input 3

you could add a pot to offset the input 0, to get octave or semi-tone transpose.

now my patch is as follow :

  • rené goes in the input of 1:3 of Links
  • one of the 1:3 output goes in FM input from e350
  • one of the 1:3 output goes in the 2:2 input section to transpose a sequence which goes into my mangrove
  • one of the 1:3 output goes in V/Oct from Rings

by doing so I can transpose/control 3 voices - included two sequences

Sounds like an interesting concept. Sounds like something more than one person could be interested in. If you want I can ask to see if somebody maybe would be interested in making something like that.

oh yes, I’m most definitely interested, thanks!

I’ve already compiled a list of modules who can handle pitch in this MW thread :

but for me, if this could be 2hp and handle more than one voice, it would be awesome.

The tricky part is doing the precision adding, which isn’t that trivial afaik, but it def. doable. having multiple inputs is probably just a matter of adding a buffered multiple circuit to IN 1.


Links is a good exemple. It’s brillant. The 1:3 section is perfect as a precise buffered mult, and the 2:2 is perfect as a unity mixer who is precise enough to act as a precision adder. so Links circuits and composant are the way to go. but I personally couldn’t achieve such a realization.

thanks for splitting the thread, by the way

Never tried to use it add pitch CVs, I should try that!

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Oops, already answered.

Hey all

Just a message to let you know this project has advanced significantly and that I found a potential builder for such a module, in 2 hp.

If enough people are interested, this could be build.

Just check the thread on MuffWiggler: