Transplant built shruthi into metal case

Hi everyone

Sorry if this has been asked a million times but my search came back empty.

I have a midnight edition and am planning I getting a 2nd one and 2 metal cases.

Can I simply place the already built shruthi into the new metal case ?

Many thanks


yes. No mods needed. Plug and play.

You will need to replace the encoder with one with a longer shaft, as the encoder knob goes above the top of the metal case, rather than being recessed into it, as it is with the acrylic case.

I think (someone correct me if I’m wrong here) you can use the item listed in the Ambika mainboard BOM.


If you use the MI KIT, then it should include longer encoder.

The newer kids all have longer encoders. The old one used to have short ones. You can easily see it. The encoder needs to have about the same hight as the pots.

Ok cool so I just need to replace the one that’s already built then, as I got it before than the metal cases came out

no issues with the height of the LEDs then ?

LED’s should be mounted against PCB

Ah, sorry, didn’t realise kits came with long encoders now (it’s a while since I bought a Shruthi-1 kit).