It was a long time since i recorded anything with just electronics…
There is a big role in this jam for Ambika, midipal, MidiAlf and 2 Sidekicks.

hope to have some time to record some more.

Nice track Great use of the multitimbrality.

There is 2 parts Ambika in there… other’s are casper electronics Dronelab and Novadrone and a Volca keys. And a Simmons SDS200 for the drums.
Nicest discovery was the setup with the MidiAlf->Midipal Scale app -> Ambika. With the CC LFO of the Alf controlling the transpose parameter resulting in all kinds of nice chord progressions.

Interesting use for the CC LFO and scale app. The chords sounded right in place, so I would have never figured they were generated “randomly”.
Now that you point out what instruments you used, I can hear them all. The volca keys plucks are well used to maintain a common harmonic structure with the Ambika LFO chords. I would believe that the Ambika could do all of the voices you had set up though.

I think with clever programming it could be close yess… The steady low bass is ambika and it’s 3 voice poly but could have been mono as well. That would have left 2 voices for the other 2 sounds. But the eerie sounds and bass twang i did with the drone’s would not be easy to get out of the Ambika with one voice. There is 4 and resp 3 osc’s in those sounds. And there is a lot of polivoks filth with the sidekick on the novadrone.
I found another piece in the jam that was kinda nice… Just discovering some of the powers of the volca keys here. It’s a really surprising little synth. I was totally freaking out playing wilde synth solo’s on the little slide keyboard this afternoon, but i’ll spare you those.

Good point on the 3-4 osc sounds. The use of the Polivox side kick was awesome for distortion in the second part. If only you could have pushed the hard sounds back in the stereo mix, and pulled the cleaner sounds to the front it would have been even better! Some real depth-of-field possibilities.
Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Volca Keys after all the trouble of trying to get one. :slight_smile:

Yes these are all just stereo recordings straight of the master… I should do some multitracking of this kind of things and do some editing and proper mixing.
Well the keys wasn’t even that hard to get… I was really after the beats so much that i ended up with 2 of them. Then i decided to try to trade one for a keys.

Multitracking is useful, that is for sure. Difficult to do live with a minimal set up though…
I have seen some used Volca instruments selling for 80$ - 90$ used online. It seems a lot of people bought too many of them to begin with. I hope this doesn’t reflect badly on Korg’s future analouge endeavors. I would suspect the cheap used price is because of how low the cost of a used Monotribe and Monotron are. I haven’t seen any used MS20 Minis below what I would have expected so far.

The volca’s are still hard to get on this side of the pond…
I’ve been tweaking my setup to be able to do all the jamming and also live looping and still have everything multi trackable. I think i’m almost done. I’ve got an ableton setup with controllers for 8 channels of live looping and multitracking those too for the acoustic instruments. Ableton is also mixing all the electronics and outboard that work fully on hardware sequencing. I only have to setup the multitrackrecording of the electronics and see if ableton will still hold up to doing 32 channels and fx.
After that i take the multis to cubase for some proper mixing and editing. I’ve done this for a few tracks that started out as pure live looping and it worked great.

I wouldn’t call used Volcas common over here just yet, that is why the low prices are odd to me. They mostly popped up in February.

That sounds like a great set up! 32 channels at once is crazy. If you don’t do independent effects per channel in the box, you should be fine. However, you can probably handle 4 “send” group effects channels in the box nicely. I am mostly talking EQ and compression. Nothing too fancy.

@shiftr: love both of those synth jams!

Thanks :slight_smile:

hey shiftr your synth jams are soothing my post-night shift hazy morning very nicely! nice & chilled out but dare i say it…progressive :slight_smile:

i’m not really sure what progressive means in this context

Made a new totally modular track… (with editing and effects in Cubase)(oh and i forgot there is a wind sound effect under it)

Wow, this is great!

shiftr I’m not sure what I meant either (a year ago but it was definitely positive) progression is a good thing for me - I think my sentence makes it sound bad but I must have been half asleep, it was meant in a good way. Just after another night shift listening to your new one too, really like all the modular sounds, good work. I especially like the drone around the 3-minute mark

have to say have been listening to your soundcloud for a bit now and liking all of it

I understood it was meant in a good way :slight_smile: … I just didn’t know what it meant …

My soundcloud is a bit of a mixture of all different kinds of things i do. I want to select one direction and get a bit more focus on that in the future. Or maybe a mixture of everything …

New Track!

It features MI Edges and all 3 of my Sidekicks and lots of other eurorack stuff + real percussion… Recorded in 3 modular jams and then severely edited in cubase…