Track(s): FAWM16 with Shruthi-XT

Hi all! My take on February Album Writing Month 2016. An album consisting of four pieces of Berlin School type of ambient, all mono patches are from Shruthi-XT. Poly pads are from Blofeld. I was pleasantly surprized that the internal clock in Shruthi is accurate enough so that I can run two sequences on top of each other for ten minutes and there is no drift that I would notice :).

Great evocative sounds/style :slight_smile:

Thanks! The video link does not work, a reference to John Coltrane? I bet he wasn’t using Shruthi-1 :).

I heard a lot of TD influence in your pieces. Were there other instruments or was that all Blofeld and Shruthi? Video link is John Coltrane quartet playing “Impressions” live in Berlin from 1963. He was probably playing a Paris Selmer tenor saxophone while informing the future of world music from the edge of obscurity.

Oh thanks! Now I see the link to the video, although the video itself refuses to play. There is electric guitar in the second song, otherwise it is only Shruthi and Blofeld. I used TC Flashback delay and ValhallaDSP room reverb, and they contribute to the sound also.

ValhallaDSP Ubermod and Shimmer are my go-to’s for most effects.

I have been more than pleased with the room reverb. It seems to be very versatile, and I have used it also as the main reverb in some recordings with a full rock’n’roll band.

Gorgeous tracks! No 2 is my favorite so far.