Track featuring Marbles


Here is a bit of music featuring Marbles which I got two days ago! Running plaits setting #2 and a segment looping LFO through ripples and clouds reverb. Clocked it to Logic and recorded a progression and then did a bit of chopping. Then added a bunch of other things in Logic.


Very nice! I always like to find the little incidental transients in the back ground. Always something surprising hiding there.

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sounds good! I really like the space

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Thanks for the listens and feedback. @SkyWriter, the Morphagene sold me on buying a modular system…still don’t have one yet, but still plenty of accidents and incidents to discover without it.

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Just checked Morphagene out. Sounds like a excellent processor! The Korg Prologue with Plaits/Elements oscillator ports convinced me to start a modular. I like MI modules because they don’t obfuscate the knob functions, and I can always look in the code to see what’s happening behind the panel. I need to know what’s going on. Lol!

I use a 2 channel scope when I program it :slight_smile:

I’m always so delighted with the sounds of Plaits in sweet 16 voice polyphony when I sit down to play. There are so many subtle variations to explore in each of the ported oscillators.

Does the prologue have any Eurorack integration?

I do like to know what is going on, but don’t care to look at the code. I would like a scope. Started with VCV rack and had a scope, which was useful.

A chap named Peter Allwin ported the most musical sources in the Plaits model. There is a paucity of control space on the Prologue, so I removed the LFO and inserted EG’s, and Key Tracking instead. More useful for a polyphonic synth. There’s more to do too. But it’s lovely to play as is.

Some work was done on a subset of Elements functionality as well. I’m looking at that too.

Your post makes much more sense now :grinning:

Open code got me here as well through VCV after playing with reaktor and a hardware controller for a few minutes and finding it lacking.

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LOL! Yeah, sorry. I’m in my own little world I guess :slight_smile:

I’m shoehorning more modulations into the current Plaits models. Looking into porting some of the other models Peter didn’t do, as well as revamping the modulations for the Elements port, and offering other excitations. Memory/CPU/IO is tight. It’s a delight to work with :slight_smile:

Sound like a fun and challenging project!

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Sounds awesome, great job!

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