Toxic killer smell?

Hi, I know that I don’t know much about electronics, so far.
Today arrived my highly appreciated new companion and achievement the
OMB-5 from Elka.
Plugged in, turned on, ventilator starts buzzing, queer sounds from within the keyboard arrive,
it starts to stink…
Display is on, white noise on global out, checking some keys, settings and on
from-outer-space !
So my question where does this terrible smell arrives from btw that this unit seems 2 be burnt ?
Who is the biggest toxic stinker in electronics ???

If you’re lucky it’s just some old cat pee getting roasted, the bad case would be some old caps containing PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyl), another shittastic Monsanto invention…

The brominated flame retardants used today are also toxic. Plastics can also give off some nasty compounds, so at least take it outside if you can.

Yeah, that’s what I thought first,
shitty crap get it out. But then i mailed with the guy I got it from, and he said,
let it first stay to get balanced 2 the room temp and than try again.
I thought well, worth a try, check this btw

put it back into my living-sleeping-rocking-recording-room,
put back power connection in, didn’t turn unit on. Came back after about 1/2 an h.

Well, I had a similar issue. I got a small tape mixer for a dollar. When it is turned on for a while it starts to smell like rosin and make a wired noise. Like the tape reel is stuck. Even when it isn’t moving.


  1. Cat hasn’t been in the room today.
  2. Monsanto sucks (the EU (also) btw) !
    Well this has’t been sold for a dollar. And proposed 2 be in working condition, otherwise it has been packed 4 shipping vienna-hamburg bloodywise… that may be the cause…
    Anyway this is sucking toxic shit and I hate it 2 be in my room.

I figured that you paid more than a dollar. I’m just saying that whatever you paid was too much for that kind of service. I haven’t had this particular issue when I shipped something, but I have had “mint” synthesizers show up at my door with “mysterious” or “accidental” damage. I hope that you get this resolved. It always sucks to see a good synth ruined.

jojelito sorry didn'got that right. Maybe the cat of the seller, sure I'll ask.audiohoarder
Well 2 tell the truth it is not so much about the money.
It is more about, I wanted this piece (and they are seldom)
because I liked the PPG-like-Sound (on that video posted)
and now it stinks like …
and I haven’t heard a sound besides white noise.

well U always have 2 see the good, hein ?

Well so I have a bloody toxic waste dispenser and a white noise generator in 1 unit,
than maybe the price has been good ?

Good to get rooms in a fast way empty ?

I won’t go into it, but I have had very hard to find synths show up destroyed on my door step. I don’t like to think about it. That demo was soothing, not sure it could do that now…

If it really only drones and makes toxic smells, you could sell it to a real hardcore person in the drone scene. “Yeah, my synth is so dark it burns itself to a char. You wouldn’t understand how much inner angst it has.”

Thank YOU !
Saved my day !
it is a strange toxic dark smellin’ sound…

Have you tried ‘poppin the hood’ ?
That should at least give you an idea of what is wrong…

Anything to help. :slight_smile:

Also, you should not open it because they could then blame you.
They may or may not ask you to take it to a third party electrician to verify that it is damaged as you say before they will accept it back.

@V`cent: It probably would not be in his best interest to open it in this case, sadly. These kinds of situations can get frustrating depending on who you are dealing with.

Ahh yes, that is true.
Could give you munition to demand a partial refund with though, at least if it is a blown cap, since that should immediately be identifiable… Ah well, feel free to disregard :slight_smile:

V*cent Try that tomorrow, as I until a second before really have been pixxed off/ distracted my the smell in my room. BUT just now I downloaded the cyclic update so thanks 2dnigrin @ pinchenettes,
have 2 check that out NOW.

Trust me, that would be my first instinct, but it may very well be more than a cap or cat pee. Better to ere on the side of caution. Besides, if the damage has to be “verified” he will find out if it is a blown cap anyway.

I have an old Apple iBook laptop that used to belong to my boss at work, that’s always smelt bad when switched on. Doesn’t seem to have any functional issues, apart from a dodgy display cable (common issues with several generations of Apple laptops), it just smells bad. Never worked out why…


@strangenoize - You’re welcome!

@ dnigrin
Hehe it’s runnin…
4 xample if I had a TTSH and cyclic wouldn’t that be automatically worse,
than having a virtual ARP on the same macbook the cyclic is sitting on ?

Hmm, I think that is another topic, my thingie doesn’t smell bad, it is evil toxic shit !

It depends how hard your Macbook is running. Although I made major efficiency improvements in this version, if you’re virtual Arp sucks a lot of CPU, and you have six subsequences running, and you use two other plugins… it can start to cause your computer to not like things. But try it and see!

But now we’ve totally derailed this thread. I started a new Cyclic v1.5 thread

Had smelly synths coming in twice… first time it was a power supply transformer coil isolation overheating due to a dead CMOS chips sucking way too much current. Even after cause of over current condition has been fixed, the transformer still stunk with that annoying smell (“is something burning in here?”) so I ended up replacing the transformer.

The second time it was a few dozen of dodgy 30 year old electrolytic capacitors leaking… the leaks were not really visible until the caps were de-soldered: there was a kind of gunk skirt around capacitor solder pads with a distinct chemical smell… it took a few rounds in a bathtub to get that gunk out. The strange thing was that the smell was much more noticeable when the unit was powered on.

dnigrin Just checking out the "potency" of books, first guess as meanwhile running 6 subseqs on 3 vst's that's quiet tougher than before, as on this slow book (core2duo) 6 was on the edge. NoNo that's not the way, why not derailing if it slides well ? kvitekp
Tomorrow will be the “outside” leaking capacitor check !
Now checking cyclic update…uhhhyeaaah
If I would not like a person I’d rather put some leaking capacitor next 2 him, right ?
4 a white-noise-band why don’t you call yourselves “the leaking capacitors” ?