Toto vs MI

Bobby Kimball vs Dave Clarke

Just thought I’d put this out there, plenty of MI action plus some 80s love and lashings of amateur techno rongness

Gets gnarly by the end with some overdriven space echo so do persevere…
Octatrack sampling Youtube clip of Africa vs Anushri bass, Shruthi background chime thing, R8 & LXR beats with effects & mix in Reason. All hardware sounds and sequencing. Had some fun limiting it and probably destroying the audio quality with limiter no.6 which seems a fantastic free VST tool I can recommend wholeheartedly.

of course it is a bit silly & just for fun.

Did think about PM’ing this one to the man who made my Shruthi programmer possible but as a Toto fan Frank I am sure you will have strong feelings ie probably hate it. so I thought I’d inflict it more widely. Let’s face it, I’m not charting with this one…

That is not bad. The subtle to extreme textures are a nice juxtaposition to each other. Would listen again.