Total red lcd!

hey i found a lcd that would be cool with the polyvoks!


By chance anyone lnow where i can find red 4X20 lcd???


As 6581punk said, be careful with the pinouts. These RGB displays in particular have different connections for the backlight compared to the usual ones so you can’t solder the backlight power pins (15-18) directly to the controller board. The three backlights might also need different supply voltages.

I know they sell them at mouser. But there are tons and tons of them. Some attach with glue, some have pins… it’s crazy. We will save a lot of time and money if we can find someone that knows which one works. Anyone use them?

i could imagine that altitude gets his bezels cut, together with the case (like you would order the midibox seq frontplate and the bezels together from schaeffer) but of course, that’s just an idea

Yep. Which reminds me. Attitude - if you are here - can you tell us what bezel you’re using for your cases? They look very nice and a bezel would completely solve this gap problem.

Always check the pinout and dimension too. They’re nearly always identical.

My OLED fitted fine but the display position is off, so I have an ugly gap in my case.

Thanks Frank!

Google for HD47780 - this is the industries standard (and as most industry standards a bit akward…)

Stupid noob question here: is there a protocol or something that identifies which displays will work as drop in replacements and which ones will not? They can’t all be addressed the same way so I’m guessing there must be some “xxxx” protocol definition that they all build to. Can someone enlighten me?

Satis Tronics

CAN we Know where? :smiley:

yes seen it, and ordered thanks!

if you are florian - there’s an answer at other forum =)

Paint it.

I always think the negative LCDs (i.e. bright characters on a dark background) look nicer. You’re right though- it would be cool to have all the circuitboards in a Polivoks Shruth-1 red.