Toronto meet-up, the sequel

There is still discussion going on about this so have a look. Throw your hat in the ring if you’re interested so we can start to get an idea of what sort of numbers we’re looking at.


My friends have a bar on Harbord near Spadina, we could use that if you’re still looking for a location. I’ve been planning on organizing a weekly synth/sequencer open mic jam type thing there actually, was thinking I’d start it up around december or so.

@borfo, sounds cool! Check the thread on Muff’s, looks like we may have a room at Ryerson we can use. Which bar by the way. My son played at a place down there a few weeks ago, I think it was Charlie’s Gallery or something like that.

That’s the one. When was he there? I’m there a lot, surprising I missed him.

A while ago, June or July, something like that. My wife and I were there, he was doing his “Little Ghost” solo electronica thing. Nice place.

Tentative arrangements:

Somewhere in Ryerson

More details

Looks like Ryerson isn’t going to work so we’re continuing to look around. It will probably be a Sunday afternoon and Moog Audio has expressed an interest in taking part. I’m hoping to gather a bit of information to get some idea of the logistics so, if you’re interested, could you answer these questions:

1. Are you coming?
2. Where are you coming from?
3. Are you bringing equipment or coming to look
4. Would you be willing to pay a $5.00 entry fee
5. Where are you on the modular/technical scale - beginner, enlightened participant (EP), expert?
6. Is there a particular clinic you would be interested in?



Hey Randy, my friends’ place on Harbord is always an option, wouldn’t cost anything. We could have any sunday evening, no problem. I’m off on a sailing trip for the month of october though, would have to be after that. I’ll be back early in november.

I could always arrange a date for you even if I’m still away, I suppose.

@borfo, that might work out great, thanks!