Topographer - messy modular jams and more

I thought I should post my rather unkempt musical project here. At the moment the bandcamp page just features a lot of jams with my modular system, usually with only a small number of modules, that I record on the fly when I think something sounds interesting. I’ve been planning to actually start and work on proper albums with some concept behind them, but I always get lost in the sounds for hours just playing around and end up not recording anything coherent. But I have a lot of fun and I think it would be a shame to keep it just for myself.

For now you can listen to a big collection of mostly slowly evolving monotone tracks with a bit of an ambient quality to them. Some are organized depending on techniques used (mostly controlled random). All are free downloads so help yourselves.

Feedback is welcome. :owl:

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That riff in Positive definite is really nice and the track develops satisfactorily which is an achievement considering that it is almost 13 minutes long. :open_mouth: Nice!

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