I have no idea when this happened and to whom exactly because some orders are not processed through the shop - but the 2000th Shruthi-1 kit has been sold.

woohooo! congratulations!

W O W !



WOWZA! I didn’t know there were that many shruthis out there! If you counted all the bare PCBs as successful builds what would be the estimate be for worldwide shruthi count? I’ve bought and built 2 shruthi kits but have built 4 others from bare boards - I assume though that there are certainly more ‘kit’ shruthis than ‘pcb’ shruthis?

About 400 more units counting PCBs - though they have a much bigger risk of not being built. I’m still surprised by the number of questions I get about kits or boards I sold 9 months ago.

Any idea what the sales curve looks like?

Wow Olivier, congrats!

Félicitations Olivier ! :wink:

Hédi K.

Great news! Congratulations are in order! W00t w00t!

I might just place another order to celebrate…

Nice! :slight_smile: Everybody should have at least one…

Félicitations Olivier,
3 / 2000 for me :slight_smile:

Öhm, one of each plus a couple of extra SSMs for me… Losing count here :wink:

That calls for… 2000 candles and one F**ING BIG CAKE !

wow great man! but that’s just the beginning!



Congratulations Oliver! 2,000 is a LOT of synthesizers. Many famous machines made by successful companies have not been made in such quantities. I can assure you that all of the boards and kits you’ve sold me have been made into fully functioning instruments. Well, except for the Anushri which I haven’t started on yet. One kit, one semi-kit, two board sets and a midi pal kit.

Yay!!! :slight_smile: