Top 5 Synths everyone?

Hey i just want to see where people stand with their favorite instruments in these 5 categories. From most important to least in my need. How about you guys?

  1. SOUND - Oberheim OBXa
  2. FUNCTIONALITY - Oberheim Matrix-12
  3. BASS - Roland Juno 60
  4. MONO - Moog Prodigy
  5. DIGITAL - Moog Animoog
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I’ll only answer with the synths I own, since you can only judge them when you have access to them.

1. SOUND - OB6
3. BASS - Therapsid (honestly, it has that kick ass PWM thanks to SID).
4. MONO - MatrixBrute, it's huge.
5. DIGITAL - K5000S

For digital I discounted VA, Solaris has elements of VA and my System 8 is also VA. The K5000S is additive and a fairly unique digital as a result. Same with an FM synth.

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SOUND - Shruthi
BASS - Shruthi
MONO - Shruthi
DIGITAL - Shruthi


you broke the thread :raised_hand::eye::tongue::eye::raised_back_of_hand:

but it’s ok. now, it’s fixed and can carry on :man_mechanic::woman_mechanic:

SOUND - Jupiter 8
BASS - TB-303 (sorry, can’t help) :grin:
MONO - Shruthi


SOUND - Ensoniq ASR-10
BASS - Shruthi
MONO - Shruthi
DIGITAL - Nord Modular

Edit: DIY - Ambika

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mono - Korg MS-20
poly - Roland Juno60
diy - shruti-1
can’t believe i owned it - yamaha ex-7 w additional outputs and scsi board OR korg-707
best - what i actually have right now


,NR Synth Cobra,John Bowen Solaris, Arturia Matrix.DSI OB6Elektron Analong Keys.,(.I dont talk about Braids with Shelves Warps Streams and Frames,that is nearly my most beloved synth when all connected together!)

Limited by my experience, of course:

Sound - All the old Oberheim polysynths (I have a Matrix 6R)
Functionality - Eurorack
Bass - Minimoog
Mono - Shruthi
Digital - Ensoniq EPS

The EPS made the list for sentimental reasons.

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Subjective of course, and limited to what I own.

SOUND - Ambika

(I’m sorry this basically nails everything while still retaining its own character… the combination of waveforms/algorithms with the filter selections is to die for and has spoiled the shit out of me.)


(i use it for sound design, percussion, it’s my johnny on the spot-synth)

BASS - SE-02

(I prefer it to the Model D, /shrug)

MONO - HyperSynth Xenophone

(Holy shit, I can’t stop gushing about this synth. The TB303 is to Charmander what the Xenophone is to Charizard. This is probably my desert Island synth.)

DIGITAL - Ableton’s Operator?

I need more pure digital hardware synths in my life.


SOUND : Ambika
FUNCTIONALITY : Perfourmer Mk2
MONO : Shruthi

Agreed! I love hearing a sound or a technique and trying to figure out a good approximation of it on my MS-20. You really can do an incredible number of things reasonably well.

I don’t think making a top 5 makes any sense for me because I probably haven’t so much as touched 20 synths in my life. But in the spirit of the thread, here are five “synths” I have that I expect to be cornerstones of my output for the foreseeable future:

  1. Korg MS-20 (mini)
  2. Yamaha DX7
  3. Mannequins Just Friends
  4. Cycling '74 Max 6
    (got a student license for a class I took as a clueless undergrad. literally didn’t get what the fuss was about patching stuff until I got the Korg… glad the license never expires :smiley:)
  5. Yocto 2 (808 clone … still building, pray for me that I didn’t wreck my board)
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I’ll play!

  1. SOUND - Propellerhead Europa
  2. FUNCTIONALITY - Propellerhead Europa
  3. BASS - Roland SH-101
  4. MONO - Roland SH-101
  5. DIGITAL - Propellerhead Europa

I’m boring, but I was one of three people who decided the feature set of Europa so it is very much filled with stuff I love. Though I could’ve answered “my modular” on each one of them, but that felt like even more of a cop out. :wink:

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SOUND - Elements
BASS - FR-777
MONO - Perfourmer
DIGITAL - Microwave II XT

SOUND - Roland Juno 60 (I’m a sucker for nice analog bread and butter sounds)
FUNCTIONALITY - Elektron Analog Four (extremely deep synth with tons of functions)
BASS - Roland SH-101 (Reduced interface that is focused on being a great mono synth)
MONO - Roland SH-101 (Reduced interface that is focused on being a great mono synth)
DIGITAL - Nord Lead A1 (intuitive, fast user interface and nice oscillator type selection)

SOUND: Roland System-100 Model101&102 (best Roland sound ever)
FUNCTIONALITY: Roland System-700 (best modular ever)
BASS: Moog Memorymoog (Darling ! Is it your music or is it a quake ?)
MONO: Octave The Cat non-SRM (one word…WOW !)
DIGITAL: Korg Wavestation (all of them)

HYBRID: Ambika (a few years ago I would have said PPG Wave 2.2)
VA: well…not yet convinced…and I had quite a few…

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