Toonight i have a dream

Nice dream :slight_smile:

Nice! A Roland-Type Bender fan :wink:

If such a Dream can become Truth - this is the place!

oh my god! I really wish you get your dream to become true! Actually I had been thinking about it as well, but I discarded the idea imemdiately since I wouldn’t know where to start with it… :slight_smile:
How would you make allt hose controls interact with the shruthi? (I mean the knobs and faders on the right)

As there obyiously is interest in a ShruthiKey lets discuss some points, maybe we can find a Version that suit most of us:

The main Question:

  • should the expanded User Interface incorporate more Pots (in maximum 1 per Parameter) or should it go the Oberheim XPander approach using 1 Knob per Display Page and using the 4 Pots already available?
  • If we go for the “More Pots” Approach, which Parameters? All of them expect the Patchcords??
  • how many keys should there be (25,37,49,61) ?
  • Should the original layout from the Digital/Control board be used or some spacier Layout for better tweaking? (Look at the Mean Green Machine for Example)
  • Is there Interest in Indicating each Menu Page with a seperate LED like on the Shruti?
  • 2 wheels or a roland style Bender?
  • How about a Joystick driving CV1 + CV2?

i have already start to build it… With two old Edirol PCR30…So i have 32 analog control, and some digital control for driving the shruthi. I will connect the two controllers by a midi merger to the midi in of the Shruthi. I’ve got an analog joystik, good idea to plug it to CV inputs! … I will give you more détails soon…But follow the FCD72 project wich is more serious :smiley:

wowww that looks fantastic! I’ve actually been wanting to incorporate a keyboard into my struthi at some point in the future, where it will be able to ‘graduate’ to from the cigar box in which it currently resides