Tonewheel organ -> laser cutting or CNC milling

Hi guys,

I’m working on an old Italian tone wheel organ (a Pari Attack) and need a set of 22 new gears for driving the tonewheel generator. The gears are non-standard measures and I drew replacements in a 3D cad program. Now I’m looking for a place to have them made out of POM either by CNC milling or laser cutting. I’ve found some, through google, but all very expensive and not all up to spec to achieve the desired tolerance.

Can someone recommend a good and affordable place for laser cutting or CNC milling (e.g. where were the enclosures for the DIY synths of MI made)?



Cases were AFAIK cut by frank here on the forums.

That being said, I’d start by looking for hackerspaces near where you live, not only could they have the equipment you need, but they have lots of cool other stuff as well :slight_smile:

For some reason I’m reminded of the “Cheap, or good quality - pick one” saying, particularly looking at CNC anything.