To socket or not to socket

i’m in the process of sourcing the parts for my shruthi and came across this question:

why are some of the ics (ic2, ic3 on the control board; ic3 on the cem filter board) not socketed? isn’t it always better to socket your ics?

sometimes theres space problems if the board is going to be flush with a front panel and the sockets + chips make it too high. I tend to socket most chips though, more for ease of mind/easier troubleshooting

All ICs on the CEM3379 can be socketed, and I recommend you to do so. It doesn’t look socketed on the PCB because most parts in the Eagle Libraries are not available in both socketed and unsocketed silkscreen drawings.

On the control board it’s a different situation. If you socket those ICs with a DIP socket which is too high, they will block the top panel of the enclosure. So if you want to socket those, please use a very flat socket. It’s not a big deal to not have them socketed since 74xxx are virtually indestructible.

ah ok, thanks for explaining!

how about adding a second dip 8 socket to the cem337 bom, then?

In any case you should socket the CEM3379. Its an old chip and not as stable to thermal misuse as modern ones, you migth burn it while soldering - or kill it by static electricity - on the other hand you may break of a leg while inserting :wink:

while you’re at it, you might want to reduce the number of 100n ceramic caps from 14 to 4 in the cem bom. that would be more accurate, i believe. :slight_smile:

@fcd72: definitely! i always socket my ics if i can. that’s why i asked…

Indeed it was the first time in my life i did not socket an IC as Oliver pointed out the 74xxx on the Control board are indestructible. If you damage them you should stop using your atomic Soldering Monster…

i will do that. i will also try not to remember that titanic was unsinkable while soldering those indestructible 74xxxxs. :smiley:

Its higly unlikely that your 74xxxs will be damaged by a floating Iceberg :wink:

We don’t know, perhaps mic.w is a sailor and travel with his shruthi :wink:

Another thing it’s not so difficult to desolder, there’s only 16 legs

I always cut the legs and desolder the pin with a needle from a syringe… but never on 774xxxs as they are indestructibel. The only things in working order after a global thermonuclear war are cockroaches and the 74xxx on your Shruthi.


socket if you gotit. hey!

socket, they are cheap enough, and can save you some headaches. I consider them cheap insurance.