To clean the board, or not?

I’m fairly new to this stuff, besides guitar pedals.
I was wondering if you recommend that the soldering sputz be cleaned off the boards?
(Your pics show that you still have it on your board)

i have it all over the place. after some time it can be removed easily by scratching a little, as i found out just recently. i found it looks much better if cleaned, so it seems i’m changing opinion and will try cleaning it right after soldering with chemicals and / or water. i’ll have to find the thread again with the recommendations.

I use warm water and a toothbrush - but only with this stuff (water soluble flux) Kester 24-6337-6403 331 Organic Water Soluble Cored Wire Sn63/Pb37, 66 Core, 031"dia.

The water soluble flux idea was from someone on this forum (thanks!). I stop washing before the switches, pots and plugs.

I think the diy solution for flux remover is part Isopropyl alcohol and part nail polish remover. Do a search on youtube.

I’ve not bothered myself, but it makes your boards look ugly if you don’t.

I’m going to experiment with Methylated spirits on some Ambika voicecards soon, will report how it goes. I’ve personally never bothered with my own builds before but my Ambika mainboard looks pretty icky from the top, so something needs to be done…

Methylated spirits works ok on rosin core solder but not great, you have to put a lot of it and put a lot of energy into it.
I’ve also switched to water soluble cored Kester and never looked back.

scratching it away works fine for me, just like use of a chipping hammer to remove welding slag. the worst parts are only around heavily heated pads anyway and it’s still faster than washing, rinsing, drying the board even during assembly- seems pretty anal to me the whole procedure.
not to talk about even more chemicals.

I used Ethanol to clean white board (4-Pole Mission), and toothpick /small brush

Before :

After :

ethanol! convincing result!

Ethanol is always a convincing result…

Methylated spirits = denatured ethanol so it will gave the same results on the board, and not quite the same result if you try to drink it ( pro tip : don’t )

@lysander in the UK, they put purple dye and ammonia in Methylated spirits to try and stop people drinking it.


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