To all v0.92 users

How do you feel about the new menu layout for the mixer?

Should I keep it or revert to the old layout?

Please post OLD or NEW depending on which layout you prefer.

OLD, but it’s a very very small detail.


… (long explanation below)
the old one was in favour of playing around more with the sub-osc
the new layout allows better exploring and understanding of the overall mix,
especially the mixer operator and the impact of the osc mix parameter is a unique feature of the Shruthi
(here’s hoping for new crazy operator modes like XOR in the future !)

OLD, i’m old too
edit: i’m just fine with the old one, but i’ll take it either way :smiley:


At first I thought it was weird having to separate the sub waveform from its volume, but the other volumes are separate anyway.
Having all the volumes in one place is much better. More like a “mixer” :slight_smile: I use the mix operator a lot more now, since I see it more.