Tired of having your shruthi all over the place?

Just print yourself a holder that fits in the wierd holes of your microsampler.

On a more serious note, I guess having this synth mounted on its controller will allow me to not have it buried under wire.
It’s a pretty simple design and thought it might give you ideas!

That is great!

Good idea. I should take my lady friend’s microsampler.

awesome! Any chance you might share your design? I have a Shruthi and a MicroSampler, too…

Here it is;


For some reason it does scale really wierdly in my version of Cura. I actually resized the longest size to 120 mm but if it’s have to do it again i’d do 119-118 just cause mine is actually pretty tight.

Ohhh did I said that this was 3D printed? Anyway if you have any question, just hit me up!