Tips for laser engraving acrylic?

I’m wondering how folks are getting such nice wide engraved lines on their acrylic cases. I assume these are mostly laser cut, but the engraving looks wider than what I’ve done in the past. Is that done with a separate engraving tool?

I’ve got access to a laser cutter and in my experience so far I get some nice looking vector engraving, but the width is limited to the standard laser kerf (i.e. thin lines). Using raster engraving gives more options, but it’s much much slower and does not get as deep of a cut into the material.

So - when designing for a laser cut acrylic case - what kind of settings are people using for the engraved stuff?


Yups, raster engraving is much slower, this explains for the Price of the Anushri Case compared to the Ambika and/or Shruthi Case. You should be able to set the depth by cranking up the Power and lowering the Speed.

Almost all of those cases are made by someone who goes under the name of fcd72 on this forum…

Hey Frank… Thanks for the comments. I’ll need to do some raster settings testing when I get access to the laser again (in a week or two).

I have a couple of case design ideas to try out - I’ll post progress here when they come together.