Tips and ideas for my rack

Hiya, it’s been a little while since I posted. I have been building up a new modular system using the minibrute 2s and rack brute 6u and would appreciate people’s thoughts on my plan.

Before commenting, please bear in mind that I have the minibrute acting as sequencer and it’s also a source for clock, a couple of oscillators, an envelope and 2x lfos so we have a little bit of extra functionality there.
So I’ve attached a picture of the plan.
Please bear in mind that I’ve already bought everything in the top row + the Disting. I wanted people’s opinions re the bottom row and what her people felt its covering all the bases? 8m planning on it being capable of a variety of different sounds and types of sound including drone and ambient through to percussive, self generating patches etc.
So people agree with the setup, am I using the space well, any glaring errors?
Im probably going to swap out the s&h in the top row when I get marbles but not sure what I’ll swap it for, maybe a couple more Disting…

I would definitely get one small dedicated mixer and one small quad attenuator for all those cv inputs without attenuation.
Do you really need this many sound sources? Maybe swap one of the sound sources for some more processing, imho this is where it gets really interesting in modular

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Ah, OK, maybe lose the mangrove then in favour of those things, that would work.
This is a work in progress.
No mangrove or frequency central gives a fair bit of room for mixing and attenuation.

I’m actually thinking of buying the mutable filter or making my own too to learn some DIY basics. I also have a couple of attenuators on the minibrute but that’s probably more suited for the mod sources on the brute.

My friend is giving me a little mixer he made so that’s that bit sorted too! Maybe in the spece created by losing the frequency central I could chuck in a Pamela’s new workout and then have a fair few new gates and mod sources too.

I think between maths marbles and batumi youre all set in terms of modulation.
Generally, your rack looks like tons of fun.
Ripples (the Mi filter) sounds dope, liquidy and thick like old roland filters.
If you want something more out there I can recommend the doepfer wasp filter or the bastl cinammon.

Thanks for the tips. I think you’re right, I’m already loving it as it is.

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