Tiny “MIDI-powered” thru box

What’s the tiniest “MIDI-powered” thru box you’ve ever seen? Ideally, I’d just want an Y-cable as I only need 1 in, 2 out. :slight_smile:

I saw some “Midi Solutions Thru box” that does a 1 in 2 out powered by Midi.

I saw it at guitar center, looked sort of like an altoids tin, maybe smaller.

I was actually looking for a midi merger, 2 in 1 out, and was surprised to see they have one about the same size (although more expensive like 80 bucks) and was also Midi powered. I wonder if theres any DIY solution like these?

A guy on ebay sells a 1x4 cable that works pretty well, but took me like three months to get it.

i use this - it’s very handy as it’s both a merger and a thru box:

long discontinued, but you do see them on ebay ocasionally. it’s got a 9v power input - i have no idea why. it works just fine on midi power.

Also you also use the 2x2 usb midisport as a standalone merge/splitter box which is the same size, often for the same price or cheaper as the one above.