Tiny high quality multichannel audio interface; any suggestions?

yeah… they always have to make these things with rock bands in mind :slight_smile:

Still, after all these years…

I don’t know what you mean about rockbands, but most rockbands i know come at least with 4 mics for drums, not to talk about guitars, bass, keys, vocals and so on…So at least 8-10 inputs, larger bands likely some more.
And i wouldn’t like to have any kind of summing before the FOH mixer.

What about the ESI ones, they don’t get much smaller. If you look at the old model I think its even smaller.

Maya 44 USB

@Dunk That looks pretty damn nice! Thanks. :slight_smile:

The ESI ESU1808, is it too good to be true?

Well, if it’s anything like my ESI ESP1010e, then it will be a decent interface, with some noise if you turn the volume up (which you won’t of course)… All in all a good interface for what I paid for it, although it lacks optical, and uses a PCIe card… :confused:

The ESU1808 looks like what I should have bought, except that it too lacks optical…

@V’cent Okay thanks, I’ve come across a few times while browsing for a way of recording all of my synths but not heard much about it. It can’t be noisier than my Boss mixer I suppose…

@rumpelfilter Thank you SO MUCH for indeed proving me wrong! I have the Multimix 8 USB 2.0 on my radar now!

Any opinions on the PreSonus FireStudio Mobile? I know it’s FireWire instead of USB 2.0, but it seems it should work with Apple’s Thunderbolt to Firewire cable just fine.

Firewire is studio standard, but Presonus stuff is not really, let’s say good crafted, albeit it sounds good and their preamps are usable.

@bleo: glad to hear that! :slight_smile: Remember that Alesis does not stand out for build quality and sturdiness. but for the price I find the multimix series quite ok.

@nightworxx: I don’t agree, I found presonus kit to be quite sturdy and well built, something I can’t say of many other manufacturers.

The Firestudio Mobile is the only interface I found at this price point that offers 8 analog inputs. It’s also pretty tiny at 14x14x4.5 cm.

I think I’ll give it a try.

@rumpel: i’ve seen 2 Presonus Firestudio and a Presonus 8-channel ADAT mic preamp blow up in smoke within of 6 weeks. All bought at the same time, i don’t call this quality. And i know some more people who were caught up by identical issues. I would still recommed RME or M-Audio Firewire interface, when it comes to mobile use.

This is the closest I’ve seen to the kind of interface I need- 12 line-level audio inputs, no fancy stuff I don’t need. Unfortunately, it also has far more outputs that I’d ever need, and no ADAT inputs, so it can’t be expanded. Not what you’re looking for, of course, thijs, since it’s a 1U rack mount box.


Firewire will soon be obsolete. I’d rather go for USB instead.

Says who ? This is something i hear now for more than 10 years and i am still waiting…Fireware and MADI are still protocols omniscient in studio environments, are still in further development and called dead for years. The funny side about USB is, that everybody thinks that higher bandwith beats better latency. But noboby thinks about the fact that EVERY crap is attached via USB and causes latency due to being a bus protocol. And in studio environments latency is far more critical than bandwith.

True re Firewire, yet - the only current Mac that ships with FW is the Mini. You have to rely on the dongle attached to the gimmicky and expensive Thunderbolt on most other Macs.

On the PC side you sometimes get a FW400 port dutifully integrated on the motherboard. FW800 isn’t present on any current boards. Some very expensive motherboards also come with Thunderbolt, but widespread adoption of that will most likely never happen. Let’s face it, a good USB3 solution that supports isochronous endpoints would yield Firewire-like low latency. I know that Presonus has looked in that direction, but there are issues with chipsets, drivers etc.

I think Thunderbolt is actually a great way to keep Firewire going for a long time to come. Apple’s Thunderbolt to FireWire Adaptor is only $30 and seems to work great for almost all Firewire audio interfaces out there.

The only issue people seem to be having is that the amount of bus power Thunderbolt providers is not sufficient for all Firewire devices without using an external PSU. This mostly seems to be an issue with external drives though.

Whether or not Thunderbolt will ever be “widely” supported in the PC world doesn’t matter to me; I’m not planning to move away from Mac OS X for the foreseeable future.

Video transfer rates , not just audio will define if firewire will survive.
Thunderbolt doesn’t even enter the picture in that respect , Pro cameras are not Thunderbolt equipped.