Tiny high quality multichannel audio interface; any suggestions?

I’d like a tiny multichannel bus-powered USB audio interface with unbalanced inputs only. The smaller, the better. Any suggestions?

RME babyface ?
I don’t have experience with this one… I have the UFX wich is also small and bus powered by firewire. Imho RME is the best quality you can get before you hit the really pro pro and expensive stuf…

tiny AND multichannel is a bit of a contraddiction. :slight_smile: but fortunately two inputs and outputs is not really multichannel

anyway also would say RME

I’m still waiting/hoping to be proven wrong and this is the second time I’ve posted this on a form this week but…

I don’t think a USB audio interface with more than 2 inputs exists.

My M-Audio Fast Track Ultra got 4 Front Inputs that you can switch with 8 on the backpanel…
However I would not recommend it because of its crappy drivers for windows…

How many channel are you looking for? 6 input on a MOTU audioexpress, but please don,t use that crap ! (i have one… evrytimes something going wrong…) i would recommend RME too, or maybe you can see as the Focusrite Scarletts :

I want to change my soundcard too for something with multiple inputs (something like 10), no need of mic preamps, no too expensive, with a big knob controling my monitor… not easy too find !

4 or 6 mono inputs would be fine, really. I’m on OS X, so Windows driver support isn’t really an issue.

Babyface looks pretty nice. I’m going to take a look at the RME stuff. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Tascam does 16 input USB interfaces…

the scarlett 6i8 is not Usb-powered, don’t know the others models…

@Bleo: there’s a lot of USB interfaces with more that a pair of stereo ins and outs. we use a 16 track Alesis Multimix to record our impro sessions and it works like a charm. You’re probably referring to USB1.0 and of couse I would stay clear from that, but USB2.0 works great even if you have a lot of channels.

also check out presonus if you budget is a bit on the tight side

+1 for staying away from Motu!

btw. which OS are you running?

@rumpelfilter OS X.

I know I’m asking for too much, but my ideal interface would be no more than a USB plug that has a bunch of cables with mono jacks coming out of it.

On a slightly unrelated note; this might actually be an interesting option for the DIY-minded: http://www.minidsp.com/products/usb-audio-interface/usbstreamer

what about this one: http://echoaudio.com/products/echo-2

@rumpelfilter I really wish they’d make boxes like that without the mic preamp and phantom power, but with 4 or 6 inputs.