Tiny feature added to Braids' firmware

I’ve added an option to use the internal AD as a volume envelope. This way, you don’t need an external VCA to create one-hit/percussive sounds from Braids. Kind of cool for percussions with all the noise or FM modes.

Original post on muff - with download link - here

A free VCA is tiny? :slight_smile:

Excellent, can’t wait to give this a go later.

Cheers Olivier.

nice. big feature for me as i don’t have enough vcas (and envelopes) yet.

I have the solution to your envelope problem arriving here 30th…. ETA

@fcd: nice. the first analog non-picaxe d:machinery module?
i am working on the problem, too. i have a bartonmusicalcircuits.com quad mix vca pcb to be fineshed soon. also a bunch of pics flashed with various stuff from electricdruid.net for some envs/ lfos

envelopes are better digital……

i see. i thought you were talking about vcas

Wow. That’s a really great “extra”.

Frank I almost bought an Intellijel Dual ADSR today. Nice save.

It will be a triple AD/AR/Looping Envelope… so if you feel you need an ADSR now, go for the Intellijel.

Ah…yeah I do like the sliders.

So yours would be really great for, say, going out of a wave multiplier?

Trident is great for whatever you want to have modulated with a simple AD Envelope. And can be misused as LFO, too, albeit only with triangle like Waves.

As a next addition to Braids id like it to be able to play it LEGO with my son before he wakes me at 6 in the morning just to tell me he now has holidays and could sleep as long as he wants to.
And if then some space is left for more firmware, maybe it can do Coffee? Nothing complex, just make a Nespresso.

I hear the new Intellijel Metropolis also doubles as a panini press.

…and Maths can pretty much be anything.

It’s a Make Noise™ Leatherman™ Multitool/toaster/ballet slipper/microscope™

Something like the xPhone…

Maths Thanks for mentioning it fcd72! <333

“I’ve added an option to use the internal AD as a volume envelope…with download link – here”

I tried to update but it’s not working:

power off.
all inputs/outputs disconnected on braids
fm attenuverter set to 5 o’clock position/all other knobs at noon
fired up the module with the encoder pressed.
“rdy” message appears.

connected audio cable from computer headphone out to fm input
volume maxed, all other apps closed
launch wav. file from a macbook pro

i get the “@sync” message but nothing else

tried adjusting volume on computer and setting fm knob to 4 and 3 o’clock but no change.
is my signal too weak?

have you tried another source to play the audio?

Go out from the headphone output on your audio interface.

Switched to an imac to play the update file and it worked. thanks