Timing for new batch of Midipals?

There’s a lot of enthusiastic discussion about the Midipal over at Gearslutz over the last few days…

Does anyone know when the latest batch is going to be available? The full build vs a board is recommended…

2-3 weeks.

I’ve discontinued the bare board so the only available option is going to be the fully assembled unit.

Please note that this is going to be the last batch.

Awesome, Looking forward to getting one!

>Please note that this is going to be the last batch.


You can also go dor midibud !

I have a MIDIPal from the first DIY batch and therefore I know that someday I will need a few more. MIDIBud will indeed likely be my bud.

Yeah MidiBud is cool. The only thing is that it has no case and it may be hard to make one for it the way it’s laid out. Not that that has been an issue for me.

Last batch? Well, this is what I get for putting off buying new gear thinking that it will be around tomorrow, haha.
About how much will they cost so I can make sure to have enough set aside?

107.5€ non EU ; 129€ EU. 220 to 250 pieces depending on production yield.

oh, then i need one if thats the last chance to see…

last batch of midipal 1 - does this mean there is a midipal 2 in the pipeline?
cause we definitely need more than 250 midipals. :slight_smile:

but the only hardware improvement of the original midipal i can think right now would be a second midi input with midi merge functionality - to get you one input for notes, and another for clock signals, for example.
and in terms of software, i suppose a more flexible way of combining different apps might be helpful - beinig able to install and uninstall individual apps like you do on a smartphone,

but it’s already brilliant as it is, so i really hope it’s not going to be just discontinued…

> does this mean there is a midipal 2 in the pipeline?


If you’re wondering:

  • The MIDIpal was designed as an exercise to teach myself SMT board design and soldering; and get me some experience with having boards made. It fulfilled this mission, but there are things that have not been part of the initial plan: profitability (the payoff was supposed to be the experience) and compliance to CE standards (which was okay-ish given its “development board for DIY purposes” origins). I can no longer ignore those.
  • I no longer want to work with the company which manufactures the boards; and I don’t think it would be worth repaying the set-up fees and do a pilot run to have it made elsewhere.
  • I no longer want to work with the company which manufactures the cases.

Continuing its production would mean turning it into a different product - probably adding “cheap” features like USB, a second MIDI port, and a beefier MCU - to justify raising the cost. But then it would pay off only for a run of 1000 pieces - and as a product, the MIDIpal has already peaked.

thanks for explaining!
glad to hear that it fulfilled its mission as an smt design excercise on your end.
it sure does fulfill its mission as an immensely useful and versatile midi tool on ours! :slight_smile:

oh well, it’s all open source. so if it’s really being discontinued after this batch, maybe somebody else will step in.
or maybe somebody will come up with an ‘imidipal’ ios app instead which could turn any old ipod touch into a midipal.

why is this thread filed under ‘gear news’ instead of ‘midipal discussions’ btw? maybe move it to make its info known to a wider audience?

Shit. I have two MIDIPals and a pair of MIDIBuds and I still freak out that these babes won’t be available soon … :S Maybe I’m just attached because it was my first MI purchase? Sad news.

Olivier, by the way, is there any chance I could get more information on your board/case manufacturing preferences? Your experience would be invaluable and I’m also located in Europe so I’d be very interesting to get some feedback.

Hey Olivier, what do you mean the product has already “peaked”? Do you mean in popularity? Cause I think Legowelt just got one and that’s likely to expose a lot of people to it now :wink:

Sales have slowed down. But it’s true that the legowelt interview attracted quite a bunch of new people.

One strategy might be to open-source the Eagle files for the Midipal circuit and PCB after the final production run is complete - with a clear statement that no support or assistance for the design is offered by MI. The firmware code is already open-sourced, of course. That way you could build one or two yourself, or commission one of the MI trusted builders to make one for you - I’m sure that at least one or two of them have the SMT skills and tools needed to build Midipals to order or in small quantities. If I were doing this, I would release the hardware design files under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license to discourage third-party commercial production, and then offer commercial licenses for the Midipal hardware design to any of the MI trusted builders who want to build Midipals to order. In fact, if I were Olivier, I would retrospectively re-license all the MI hardware design files, including those for the Shruthi, Ambika, Anushri and the currently-released Eurorack modules, under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, which through its no-commercial-use clause, inhibits, or at least vigorously dissuades, commercial use while still enabling free use of the designs by hobbyists and tinkerers.

The MIDIpal hardware files are already open-source.

The nc clause is worthless - the boundary between commercial and non-commercial is so blurry that there’s no way to enforce it. Many people have already written about this.

Ah, didn’t realise that the Midipal hardware design had already been released. I tend to agree that non-commercial clauses are toothless and difficult to enforce in the courts, but they can be very useful in merely dissuading commercial exploitation, and they give your lawyer something to refer to when they write nasty legal letters to companies which abuse the licensing terms. These things rarely go to court - its not worth it, but a formal cease-and-desist letter citing the NC clauses may work wonders, and isn’t very costly (well, no more costly than maybe an hour of your lawyer’s time…).