Time to "spruce" things up

Ok, its bamboo but anyway:



It’s porn Jim, but not as we know it…


Very nice! =)

Great look! :slight_smile:

Can we get to see a ‘full frontal’ of the panel? :wink:


great look! love it!

how cool is that :slight_smile:

Very very nice indeed

noice, ponoko bamboo? it’d be cool to make an entire shruthi case out of it, I did a top for a shruthi case out of it once but I was gluing it down onto a rigid aluminum surface so the warping (double shruthi so decent size bamboo piece) wasn’t an issue - might be able to steam pieces of it to get a full case of it to fit together although you’d probably have to get at least a couple cases worth of pieces cut to be sure I imagine :slight_smile:

back in the Shurti days, a couple ppl did all wood ones but I dont think its structurally as “good” as plexi. I epoxied it to the plexi sides so it doesnt have to support anything. I love the ponoko bamboo though, their veneer stuff is pretty nice as well and a lot thicker: