Time-Lapse of my Shruthi build

Managed to assembly my Shruthi kit - glad it’s all working despite a couple of bodge-jobs!

Check out a time lapse of my build here:


What he said!

Very well done that man

Entertaining and educational too


i want to build them all

Wow 1:21 Minutes. Its the fastest time for building a shruthi. Its a Guinness World Record :slight_smile:

Greetings Rolf

@Rolf: Red Bull verleiht Flügel !


Anyone got midi of that tune? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol nice choice of music. love that scene from Bill and Ted’s they use that song in,

Haha thanks guys! :slight_smile: @Gnome Yep that’s where I first heard the song too!

Could I hire you to assemble my Shruthi?

Of course, the labour shall be invoiced on a time-spent basis…

Check the trusted builders list first

pichenettes, it was just a joke, as indicated by the ellipsis (labour invoiced on a time-spent basis, that is 1:21 :wink: