Time for another, much shorter, much sexier, rambling love letter to an MI Synth

Also known as, the absurd things that go on in my head when it is 3 am and i’m trying to get some pulsating, Andy Stott bass arp JUST right):

To the new little gem of a synth in my life:

Too bad the name “Mobius” was already taken by Strymon, because you should have been named after an infinite loop. Rather, that’s what you’ve done to me, baby. I just get lost in your bright blue LCD for hours. Sure, your list of modulation suitors is long, and you know I’ll battle unruly LFOs all day to get to your soft core- but you know I gotta grab a beer with the envelopes (don’t worry, we’ll have over the LFOs once they learn who’s boss- I’ll watch while they modulate you- I can get it into it). Sure, sometimes we’re a couple of too far detuned oscillators (but there can be strange beauty in that, can’t there?)- sometimes one of your ex-mods shows up at our front door and tries to drive us apart us and keep himself in the mix, but we both know we’ll be hard synced later that day. No sense in fighting Lets just cut straight to building a new patch together.

In conclusion, not even your endless rotary encoder could ever hope to reach numerical value that is equal to or greater than my affection for you. Every day I come home and there you are, naked- just sitting there waiting. I can’t wait to dress you up in that slutty new black dress Adrian keeps flaunting around here- hopefully he installs ventilation holes, if you catch my drift……

But in all seriousness. I can’t. stop. What a synth. As fun as it is powerful, so much so that it brings out my inner obsessive compulsive insomniac.

Did I mention we had a Menage-a-trois with the Octatrack? I felt a little left out at times but they were pretty sexy together, now that Octa finally got real about chord sequencing.

She’s always down to arp and sequence, my girl Ambika. She’s a little too eager in that regard (would love a global “off” for everything but parts mode, bu thats probably just me because both my controller and the OT (especially) have excepllent on board. And Octa isn’t smart enough to wipe the assigned midi channel from a track when you change to a part. Kinda silly that a "stage girl " does not know that people will inevitably destroy a relationship with a sexy composition and lose hours of time and work with one button press and a few knob turns because, hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I think I need a shower now…

I always thought you were French. Now, I’m not so sure….

Hahaha wow.