Timbre on Braids

Hi being a bit of a newbie I’m having trouble deciding what I use to control timbre on Braids ? I want to change the timbre of a sound over time using the timbre input… is this is possible and what do I need to accomplish this please ?

Some sort of envelope or LFO or other control signal. Peaks is nice as it can do both!

I’ve tried an LFO but there is no change in timbre. If I put the same LFO into color there is an immediate change in sound … any idea why ? Does it matter what sound source I am using in Braids ? Cheers Phil

Timbre has an attenuvertor on the input so you have to open up the signal going into the timbre.
It’s the knob labeled [modulation].
It also depends on what algorithm and the setting of the timbre knob what the modulation does.
The color input does not have and attenuvertor on the input so that’s why you immediately hear a change when you input a signal there.

Great the scales have dropped from my eyes thanks to you… Cheers must have been having a Homer Simpson moment :o) ATB Phil

to expand on what shiftr said, most modules will have attenuators or attenuverters for certain parameters. The difference is that one just goes from zero (CV has no effect) to full while the second will do the same but inverting the polarity of the incoming CV (positive <> negative).
Then there is certain modules where the same pot that controls the parameter becomes an attenuverter when a jack is inserted, so if you have that parameter set to 50% and then plug in a jack it will attenuate the incoming CV by 50% but the CV will always modulate revolving around zero. Braids fortunately is the first type, so any CV is basically added (or subtracted if it’s negative) from the position set by the main knob.