Tilt my screen!

I have tried to tilt the screen
Lot of work for a small profit but it works :0)

Click on me !

Let me guess. MPC user, naa?

No : cervical spine pain :0)

I’m building a stand for the Shruthi to have it all inclined a bit… but this is a more elegant solution!

i use those

got operation at lumbar spine last year. (two spinal discs fucked up) good luck with your spine, Luccio!

also a good idea! should get one, still have enough stuff to tilt

Mine tilts a bit the other way, due to my n00by soldering at the time… (first thing i built)


Thank you loderbast :
BRÄDA seems a good thing : $2.49 and … no soldering :0)

Cool! Didn’t know IKEA had those. BRÄDA means plank (of wood). I like how all those names either make sense functionally or is the name of some small village or town in Sweden. Must be confusing names for everyone else though…

No assembly required either, gotta love that sometimes!

Yeah IKEA Names always make loads of Sense…

Friend of mine has a small Lamp, intended to be a bedside lamp (according to the catalogue) named Hymen
Great sense of Humor there in Scandinavia.

edit: shall i make an entry in the “Totally derailed Threads” Thread?

edit edit: @jojjelito: i have enough IKEA Hex Wrenches collected, if i mold them together i could do an Aircraft Carrier.

edit edit edit: cool job lucchio!

@fcd72: Knowing Swedish is the secret key to all things IKEA. Makes everything very see-through. But Hymen? For reals? Wow! I like how one of their small, chubby lamps is named “Knubbig” which means chubby.

I think you should build an Eiffel tower out of IKEA wrenches as an homage to Mutable Instruments and give it to Olivier!

This has been a presentation of Derail by Deluxe™

I think that is one of the best looking Shruthi’s with
the blue color, silver knobs and tilt screen- aside from
the little Ikea stands.
And I hear everyone on the back pain and ergonomics.
Even moving mouse around mouse pad hurts me. I have
to use a trackpad, trackball or a Wacom type tablet or I
can’t even work at all on computer. They have whole
closet type shelf setups if you wanna start fresh.
The ‘Stolmen’ with the tilted shoe racks is in a
friend’s studio filled with modular gear, synths
and drum boxes. IKEA have a keyboard stand

Not sure of availability of Stolmen or the synto.

I have loads of unused Stolmen, if anybody near me wants something - I’m trading in for Tannenzäpfle…

I still love inclined screens : “Tilt My Screen 2 (the return)” !

you can use an extension in this type

Do not exceed the edge of the screen to the edge of the controller board and not exceed 10 mm in height.
And the screen goes perfectly in the position provided in the box !

Et voila !

Be careful not to bend the screen !

Seems easier to just tilt the whole Shruthi.


I prefer practical.

@piscione “Seems easier to just tilt the whole Shruthi.”

I’m agree : there is be no doubt

But i am

Nothing wrong with being a trend-setter. My comment was not meant to be critical at all, I admire anyone who marches to a different drummer.

@piscione I understood your comment, no problem :slight_smile: